Memorial Park Gardens

Spread over 1.2 hectares our memorial gardens are situated in a quiet countryside setting among a variety of different native and exotic trees. It's a place dedicated to those loved ones whose ashes are interred into it.


A special garden in the form of a cross is situated in the main front lawn and is dedicated to those loved and remembered infants and children.


A garden dedicated to those who served our country in time of war is situated in the southeast section of the grounds. It is here ANZAC day is observed and the national flag is raised.


In three different locations within the grounds, there is a white freestanding cabinet showing the number of each garden. When trying to locate or when making an inquiry about a particular plaque quoting the garden number will make it easier.


All garden work, Including planting and pruning, Is to be carried out by park staff. Excessive embellishments will be removed after a period of time. If you wish to have a specific shrub or rose planted in memory of a loved one, please consult the staff first.


Dogs are welcomed in the grounds, we only ask that they are restrained and that you clean up after them.